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Shamanic Paintings

What I call shamanic paintings are paintings, created with oils or watercolors, based upon the instructions received during a shamanic journey performed on behalf of the person commissioning the painting.

We set together the final intent, or “mission” of the painting, which can be to support a healing, or to help the future owner in reaching some specific intent or goal.

It is known that images have an influence on the viewers, whether emotionally, mentally, spiritually or energetically. This is due to the fact that images, shapes, colors, symbols, archetypes, retain and transmit energy patterns and vibrations.
In a shamanic painting created purposedly to promote your self-healing, compassionate and benevolent spiritual energies are contacted during the groundwork (a traditional shamanic journey with drums). The information retrieved in the journey will determine which images, archetypes, patterns and vibrations are most suited for Your purpose. Those harmonizing, healing-promoting energies will be materialized in the painting, and will always be there available for you, somewhat in the same way the essence of a person is captured into (and continuously expressed from) a portrait of them.

Having a shamanic painting made for you, is a little bit like having a “healing tattoo” done for you, only to be placed in your home and environment instead of on the skin of your body. 

There is no price difference between a regular painting you may purchase choosing between my  available paintings, and a shamanic painting made especially for You, because I do not charge for the shamanic /spiritual /healing-related part of my work, which is carried on by my spirit teachers.



If you like my painting style, and you feel inclined to commission your own shamanic painting from me, you may contact me right now and let me know of your intention.

I will reply asking some details about you (which I will need in order to take a journey for you into non-ordinary reality), whilst informing you of my pricing. No commitment is required on your side up to that point.

If you decide to go further, and we come to an agreement (about the size and estimate price of your project), I will take the shamanic journey for you. During the journey I will meet my (/our) spirit guides who will inform of what is most needed for you in this particular moment of your life, in order to reach the intent.
I will proceed to bring what I have learned and seen onto the canvas that will be yours.



I ask the customer to correspond 1/3 of the price before I do the journey and start to paint, 1/3 halfways and 1/3 right before I ship the painting to your home.

In case of interruption of the production of the shamanic painting for whichever reason on your side, you will not be refunded the amount you have paid up to the interruption point, but I will give you the possibility to conclude by purchasing a finished regular (non-shamanic) painting of your choice, based on your budget and taste, and on my prices (so your advance payment will not be lost).

In case of interruption of the process for whichever reason on my side, you will be refunded any and all expenses you might have had.



The contents of this website are for informational purposes only. They do not deliver medical or psychological consultation, diagnosis, or prescription. The information provided here is not a substitute for professional health care, and it should not be adopted to diagnose or cure health issues. The products offered (shamanic paintings) are not intended to diagnosticate, address or prevent any disease or medical condition.  Rather, the paintings are meant to facilitate the releasing  of impasses that may have repercussion on energetic balance, promoting the body and spirit’s natural inclination to return itself to harmony, which may influence health and well-being.
If you think you may suffer a medical or psychological condition, please do consult a specialized health care provider. Do not disregard professional medical advice, nor delay seeking it, because of what you have read on this website.