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An explanation …

I used to have a blog here on, which is the main & official website where I present my art, beside a few other guest accounts on social or art-related platforms.

But I didn’t use to update the blog section very often, and this for several reasons.

Firstly, because I had no idea of who was reading and “receiving” the little I had been writing.
Not knowing who I was (or wasn’t) speaking to, didn’t inspire me to write more. I am a good one-on-one comunicator, but I am not good at “monologues” just thrown out there! 

Furthermore, to write about personal/professional things on a public blog on the web, which can be viewed by virtually anyone, creates a block, since I enjoy writing, but I obviously prefer to express myself through images when it comes to sharing something, like it happens in the artistic processes.

This is the reason why I have decided to move my art blog /diary to the PATREON platform.

In what is Patreon better than my own self-hosted blog on here?

Patreon allows me to choose, for each blog post I share, if I want it to be an entirely public entry, like in a regular blog, or if I want to publish a private post, that I can share with only a select and familiar group of people, my Patrons.

In this way, I know who is “listening”, and knowing this, gives me quite naturally an inspiration about what would be interesting, fun and value-creating to share with them ~you !

Patreon’s setup stimulates my creativity and I get ideas on what I could write about to make the readers happy and inspired too.

I haven’t started this new project so long ago, so it is still in a Beta Phase.
But for those who might be interested in the upcoming amenities (such as art tutorials, polls, printable coloring ebooks, random infos and videos about visits to exhibitions, interviews to artists, bits of inspiration and lots of photos of my beautiful surroundings in Tuscany etc.) you are welcome to have a peep on there !

CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY ART BLOG ON PATREON, follow my public posts there and /OR BECOME ONE OF MY EXCLUSIVE, INSPIRING PATRONS (starting from 1$ a month, the equivalent of an expresso coffee!).