La Nobil’Ebbrezza – Collective Exhibition


~ SATURDAY 6 AUGUST 2016 at 18:00 ~in the Fortezza of Montepulciano (SIENA, Tuscany, Italy) ~ 

I was invited to participate in this event by Fabio Barbetti, a dear and talented friend who has a real unsatiable passion for painting with a subtle humorism, and who lives in Montepulciano.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised, inspired and enthusiastic to find an amazing gathering of gorgeous and highly professional artworks featuring different styles and media (sculpture, painting) made by the most interesting and intriguing “crazy” local artists…..

The subject gravitates around Wine ~of course ~ and the Noble State of “ebbrezza” which is this subtle state of “light-headedness” before one gets vulgarly “drunk” 😉

Yet this subject leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation because this state is also the same you can feel when you are a little “high” because of joy or typically when you feel in love…with a person or with life….or it can be also comparable to the state of altered consciousness that puts shamans and mystics in the condition to experience magic and enchanted (and sometimes nightmarish) realities and to interact with non-ordinary creatures… the ones present in this exhibition room !

This exhibition is tasteful and has a delightful impact on the senses and can therefore be appreciated by all, adults, children and teens alike.

I Hope to see you there ! <3


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