Contemporary Art

I am an italian contemporary artist, based in Tuscany and Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark), specialized in oil painting and drawing, and more recently watercolors.

My art can be associated to the movement of Pop Surrealism, whilst it is also akin somewhat to Magic Realism, Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelites.
It touches the subjects of  :

⟡ archetypes
⟡ mythology and pagan divinities
⟡ gothic, fantasy, steampunk aesthetics
⟡ healing, shamanism
⟡ cosmic, ordinary and non-ordinary realities
⟡ energy ~ balances and perceptions

The imagery you can expect to find in my paintings is : the human figure, archetypes and animals, mythology, galaxies & space, the sea, long hair, enchanted music intruments, mystery and imagination.

I also specialize in Portraits in the Old Master’s style or in my own style. On this site, a specific Gallery is dedicated to this area of my work.

For an explanation about the shamanic paintings I offer, please visit the dedicated section.

You are most welcome to explore my website.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you are considering to acquire an ORIGINAL ARTWORK ~ or one of the LIMITED EDITION HIGH QUALITY PRINTS signed by Yours Truly. 

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